Strategic Initiatives


  • Advancing science and best practices in nanomedicines research and development. The Nanomedicines Alliance conducted a blinded survey of its member companies on the topic of particle size analysis.  The survey was followed by an expert panel discussion. A presentation summarizing the survey and panel outcomes is available here. Member of the Alliance are currently  collaborating with experts from the Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory and other organizations to assess and summarize findings on particle size analysis technologies.


  • Regulatory surveillance of developments related to nanomedicines and nanotechnology. The Alliance facilitates sharing of concise and practical information on key regulatory, legislative, and policy developments, and provide perspectives and insights for regulatory strategies that can be discussed in various forums.


  • Participating in standard-setting and benchmarking activities for nanotechnology. The Nanomedicines Alliance is actively participating in the ASTM E56 Committee on Nanotechnology.


  • Publishing the NanoMed Digest, a free newsletter monitoring regulatory and legislative developments in nanomedicines and publications and events of interest. Our list of subscribers includes regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, research and contract research organizations, trade associations, and academia.