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Collaboration and Outreach

The Nanomedicines Alliance coordinates and collaborates as appropriate with other associations working in nanotechnology and nanomedicine to ensure that the Alliance's activities are complementary to and supportive of other initiatives.


ASTM International

The Nanomedicines Alliance has established a liaison with ASTM International for the E56 Committee on Nanotechnology. The Alliance aims to partner with ASTM to provide scientific expertise for standard-setting and benchmarking activities around nanomedicines.

European Technology Platform for Nanomedicines (ETPN)


The Nanomedicines Alliance partnered with ETPN and other organizations to sponsor the 2015 Nanomedicine Award. The Nanomedicine Award aims to reward projects that have developed innovative solutions based on nanomedicine that can ultimately change the way diseases are treated or diagnosed and that could provide new tools for physicians and large benefits to patients. Information on the award winners can be found here on the ETPN website.


National Cancer Institute – Nanotechnology Characterization Lab (NCI - NCL)


National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI)


National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST)



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