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To catalyze the use of nanomedicines for patient benefit.




To promote and facilitate the scientific advancement, regulatory approval, safe use and public appreciation of nanotechnology-based medicines world-wide for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.




The scope of the Alliance includes nanomaterials and nanotechnologies involved in the discovery, research, development, testing, manufacturing, marketing and disposal of pharmaceuticals, biologics and medical devices, including imaging and diagnostics.


The Nanomedicines Alliance is the only industry group in existence that focuses on the scientific and regulatory aspects and policy needs of nanomedicines. The Alliance is an organization of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that supports the global advancement of nanomedicines from research to commercialization.

Strategy Framework
  • The Alliance provides a forum for companies with an interest in development and approval of nanotechnology-based medicines and medical devices.


  • The Alliance addresses priority issues of science, regulation, and policy and works with government partners and other stakeholders to realize the potential of nanomaterials and nanotechnology for medical applications.


  • The Alliance seeks to provide government agencies and other stakeholders worldwide with practical, science-driven information on nanotechnology as it is used in the development and manufacturing of nanotechnology-based medicines and medical devices.

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